Treat yourself to a surprise box of awesome snacks delivered to your door once a month

Finally, a snack box for the rest of us!

We believe being Coeliac or Gluten-free doesn't mean you have to miss out on awesome snacks so we've made a snack box that tastes great for everyone! All Snackly boxes are Gluten-free, Coeliac-friendly, and full of new and delicious treats. So delicious even our allergy-free friends love them!


Our snacks are suitable for Coeliacs, gluten-free, wheat-free and free from oats, rye and barley. Free-from snacks don't have to be boring, tasteless or full of nasties and our awesome box of snacks proves that!


Every month we set out to discover healthy and indulgent snacks from the best independent producers around the UK. After much (merry!) tasting we handpick our favourite snacks and pack them in a box for you.


Your box of yummy snacks is delivered through the post to your home or work. The box fits conveniently through your letterbox so nobody needs to sign for it!

Discover Great British snacks from the best independent producers

We source our snacks from all over the United Kingdom. Some of our favourites include sumptuous brownies from the village of Drumnadrochit on the banks of Loch Ness, gourmet fudge bars from East Belfast, and crumbly cakes from a farm at Holwell in Dorset. But you don't need to travel the lengths and breadths like we do. Sit back and enjoy as Great British snacks are delivered to your door once a month.


We're obsessed with guilt-free snacking!

Most snacks found in supermarkets are highly processed and full of sugar, preservatives, fat and poor quality ingredients. As health conscious snackers, we're obsessed with finding mouth-watering snacks made from the best ingredients.

Every month we set out to taste a huge range of snacks and then pick our favourites to go in our monthly Snackly box. Our snacks cost us more but they're worth it because they're better for our long-term health!

You can be assured that every snack we put in our box has passed our stringent yummyness test and because we send out a different box of surprise snacks every month you get to discover new ones that you may otherwise have never come across.

What's in a Snackly Box?

We deliver a variety box of healthy and indulgent snacks from the UK's best independent producers once a month to your work or home.

Our aim is to obtain the best value snacks for our Snackly Subscribers. At the same time we want to ensure that our snacks are of the highest quality which means that we have to spend more to obtain the best tasting gluten-free and wheat-free snacks for you.

We pick from hundreds of amazing snacks every month to send out to you.

Some of the great snack makers we work with

Over 100 ways to Snackisfaction!

We've done the hard work and found over 100 gluten-free and wheat-free snacks from the best independent producers in the UK. Discover an unrivaled range of quality, delicious, gluten-free and wheat-free snacks delivered each month to your home or work for free!

Our Customers ❤ Snackly

Frequently Asked Questions

- Each Snackly box consists of 5 snacks and costs £4.95 plus postage and packaging.

- Snackly delivers all across the UK and Northern Ireland.

- We currently send out a Snackly box once a month but will soon be offering the option to get it delivered once a week or twice a month.

- Snacks in the Snackly box are suitable for anyone who is Coeliac, gluten-free or wheat-free.

- The Snackly box fits through your letterbox so you don't have to be around to sign for it.

- You can cancel your Snackly subscription at any time - no long term contracts.

- We only partner with quality producers so our gluten-free and wheat-free snacks taste fresh and yummy.

- Our boxes are a surprise because we feel that this is the best way to try new snacks and discover new flavours. However, for those of you who still want to spend some time picking your snacks, we will soon be introducing an option to rate and choose your snacks.

- If you want a one-off box, you can enter your details and once you have received your box, just let us know that you don't want to continue with Snackly.

- Each Snackly box contains a mix of healthy and indulgent surprise snacks. We also try our best to ensure that snacks included in the Snackly box are free from nasties such as preservatives and refined sugars.

- Snackly snacks include foods such as chocolate, popcorn, macarons, marshmallows, macaroons, brownies, dried fruit, protein bars, fruit crisps, cake, cookies, crackers, crispbread, fudge, corn kernels, nuts, coconut brittle etc. If you have any preferences, just let us know!

- Snackly snacks use only the very best ingredients and we are very confident that you will not find the range and quality of gluten-free snacks that we source in any other store.


About Us

As a couple of gluten-free snackers ourselves we know how annoying it is to read through the ingredients list on the back of snacks in supermarkets and then come home to realise that you missed a line and the snacks actually contain gluten!

We also weren't happy with the limited and boring range of gluten-free snacks consumed by most of our gluten-free friends so in the past few months we've travelled across the UK in search of the best healthy and indulgent gluten-free snacks. We've tried them all and the ones we love we've put in a box to send out to our Snackly Subscribers each month.

Lots of gluten-free love
- Sami & Yas
Snackly Founders